Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday, December 21, 2007

Here is Jack Skellington.  He resides in front of our house during the Halloween Season.  (That is a REAL pumpkin, carved by Joe, that sits on Jacks head!)

Below are some of the 'treats' served at our party - these being fingers, of course!


Here are some of the other 'decor' found around our house in October

Pretty cool floating candle, huh!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frank runs Cross Country

Here are some pictures of Frank at a Cross Country Meet. He has been running for the LSMS Cross Country Team since late August and has been doing a superb job!

Go Frank!

They Might Be Giants!

On Saturday, September 22, Joe and I brought Daniel and Frank to see their very first concert - They Might Be Giants. A great time was had by all. They played at the Egyptian Theatre - and after the concert, we were able to get a picture of Daniel with John Flansburgh (one of the Giants). Joe took one of Frank & John F. as well but it didn't turn out. Before the concert, we took the boys out to our favorite Sushi Resturant - Zutto's. Very yummy. Over all, a very superb night!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Here Nick is riding Angel, during his Monday afternoon horseback lesson. He wished his lessons could be longer and more often! This week was his first week to use reins with his horse. He did a very good job and is very pleased with himself!
Nick's first day of 3rd grade. When I asked him to smile for the picture, he told me that he didn't know how. I don't believe him though, because I have seen him smile!

Sam's first day of Kindergarten! He was SO excited! Can you see the new scar on his forehead? Took a header into the fireplace over the summer.
The weekend before school started, we took a quick and last minute vacation to Salt Lake. We had an absolutely fabulous time. Stayed in our favorite hotel, the Marriott Rennaisance Inn, in downtown Salt Lake, went to Lagoon, visited Temple Square, and shopped at the Gateway Center, and stopped by the "This is the Place" park.
Frank is pictured here, in the 'village' behind the "This is the Place" momument. He is walking a high ledge on the Social Hall.

This is a picture of Sam sitting on the stairs of the "social hall", just below the ledge where Frank was walking.

Daniel, Frank, Sam, and 'Teddy Bear' in front of the "This is the Place" Monument. Nick is not pictured because he thought that this was the most boring place in the whole world and he wanted no part of it. He tends to be a bit outspoken when he is not happy.

Here is a picture of Nick and Sam taking a drive around Lagoon. We had a really fun day there - Nick tried rides he never thought he could possibly dared to. He even enjoyed the Log Flume ride. Frank went on all the scary rides he could - however he shied away from the Boomerang, Wicked, and Catupult.